Archie and I have been working hard this week on following all the training advice from Linnea (including her amazing FIFTY PAGE training guide). In particular I’ve been working on improving our communication and strengthening our bond. Key to that has been eye contact, so I’ve been repeating over and over again the game of tossing food on the … More Triggers

Regime change

Archie and I finally got our long awaited appointment with dog trainer Linnea, and we have loads of new things to practice together. There are going to be some changes at home! Archie welcomed her (as he does all strangers) by barking furiously, but Linnea took no nonsense, put him on a lead and calmly ignored him. … More Regime change


Archie got his haircut! It took the wonderful women at Top Dogz in Leith four hours to transform him from old floor mop to baby labrador, but they did a great job. I’m afraid that his grooming has been the big loser of the move from Belgium and his coat was in a bit of state. … More Transformations

Edinburgh walkies

I’m pleased to report that Archie is doing so much better. I was getting worried about him last weekend, but he’d clearly picked up some sort of sickness bug or eaten something that he shouldn’t have, making him sick and lethargic and compounding his stress. He’s almost back to his normal puppyish enthusiasm. He even … More Edinburgh walkies


Archie has been struggling to adjust to his new Edinburgh routine. He’s had a lot of change to cope with, and there are lots of unfamiliar noises in his new home, including a noisy corridor with neighbours constantly banging doors and going up and down the stairs. The streets are much busier than in our sleepy corner … More Transitions