Archie is my wonderful little cocker spaniel boy. He came into my life at 6 months old in summer 2016, and has turned it upside down in crazy, wonderful ways. After a short spell as a Euro dog in Brussels, he’s traded in his pet passport and we’re settling into our new lives in my beloved homeland, looking forward to exploring Edinburgh and the beautiful Scottish countryside.

Archie is my the first proper dog – the first one that I’ve been completely and solely responsible for. Growing up a spaniel was always part of our family, and I always dreamed I’d have one of my own as soon as I could. A house just wasn’t a proper home without a dog. I had now idea of the joy, and the stress, that would come with single pet-parenthood. It was much easier when mum and dad were in charge! I’m sure I’m making lots of mistakes on the road to giving my pup the best possible life. But I promise to be honest on the blog and lay out all our ups and downs as we learn about each other and how – together – to be a good pet parent, and a good dog. Training a nervous dog is hard work, but it’s so rewarding. Sometimes I wish Archie was a wee bit braver; less scared of the world around him and more relaxed with new people and situations, but he’s the sweetest, nicest boy and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

I want to share our adventures together – not just the Instagram perfect ones, but the bad as well as the good, including our ongoing struggle to take a decent dog-human selfie (I still need a lot of practice). Once the summer comes and we get our little car we’ll be on lots of Scottish adventures and day trips. In the meantime we’re always on the lookout for dog-friendly pubs, restaurants and coffee shops in the capital and beyond, and great new dog-human walking spots.

I hope the blog will be interactive, and can’t wait to hear about your own doggies adventures, tips and advice. Drop us a line and share your comments.

Ashleigh and Archie, Edinburgh, February 2017