Now we have wheels, Archie and I exploring East Lothian.

An unexpectedly big night out on Friday night ruled out anything other than a hungover stroll around the Meadows on Saturday, but this morning we headed a bit further afield so that I could practise some more driving outside the city (merging with the A1 and the bypass with no problems, hurrah!) and Archie could get some sand in his paws.

Looking at my OS map the huge beach at Aberlady bay looked perfect, but it’s a nature reserve with ground nesting birds, meaning no dogs during nesting season, and leads on the rest of the year, so far from perfect for Archie. Instead we headed to Gullane, a 45 minute drive from home. There’s a large carpark at Gullane Bents – with a broken pay & display machine saving us £2, that I spent on an ice lolly from the ice-cream van instead! A much better investment.

There’s a lovely big beach, which was full of dogs and families. I quickly gave up on the long lead and let Archie run free. He loves to chase the bits of sand that fly off my shoes as I walk along so I spent most the first 20 mins trying not to trip over him as he ran along under my feet and stopped to dig holes in the sand.

Checking out our fellow beach walkers
Getting under my feet

Archie managed to run past most people without barking, which is definite progress.

We headed over the dunes, which were pretty quiet apart from an unfortunate lady we disturbed having a sneaky pee! There was a couple of tiny beaches that we had all to ourselves, and Archie waded in a little (he’s not a big fan of the sea, but will dip his toes).

FullSizeRender 225
Action shot, exploring the dunes

We’re continuing our attempts at dog-human selfie taking. Archie isn’t really getting it…

1st attempt, human but only partial dog
2nd try, partial human, partial dog
3rd attempt, now if only he would look at the camera… Archie…Archie
4th attempt, OK, I give up

He’s much too busy having a great time to pose for photos!


Next weekend, the Lake District!

In the meantime, Archie has had another training session with the wonderful Linnea, and we’re working on short-lead walking on the pavement, now that he’s so much happier on the long lead and any time he gets to the park.

I’m trying to get my running fitness back after a year of little activity, so that we can take up cani-cross in the autumn. I’ve entered us both in a Dog Jog 5k in a few weeks Not sure how either of us will get on, but I’m hoping having fun with other dogs and dog-friendly people will help him with his anxiety around humans. We’ll see…

Monday night’s run. Hillier than I expected, considering I only ran around Arthur’s seat, not up it

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