Progress not perfection

Archie is doing so well! We had another session with the lovely Linnea of Walk and Train this week, this time in the Meadows so we could practice around all his least favourite things (lucky him!) I find it hard to see an improvement in his nervousness outside, since he so many triggers (including, but not limited to loud buses and cars, unexpected noises, bikes and motorbikes, people in general, anyone with a stick, skateboards, wheelie suitcases, wheelchairs, scooters, anyone who looks at him or tries to talk to him, etc) but Linnea could see some improvement, and his tail was definitely a teeny bit higher than last time.

The Meadows – site of so many triggers for Archie, but such a lovely park!

We practised walking at heel on the lead, and then worked on a long line to give him a bit more freedom, but still giving us some control. We rewarded him every time he looked away from a trigger and back at us, and then worked on mini recalls and sit-stays. He’s getting really good at those in the house, even if I go to another room, but it’s much harder for him to stay put outside with so many distractions. You can see the internal struggle as he battles with his instruction to stay and his will to come to me. I’m so proud of him, he did really well. We’ve been out practising again this weekend. Baby steps, but he’s such a good boy, and he tries really hard to make his mummy happy 🙂

FullSizeRender 168
Archie is always exhausted after all the mental effort of his training sessions


Meanwhile I’m waiting patiently for the flat sale to go through, and obsessing over Edinburgh property websites. I’m increasingly drawn to the countryside and a smaller town or little village outside of auld reekie. Maybe it’s just because I live in such a busy urban area at the moment, but I’m really craving some fresh air and plenty of running, cycling and dog-walking opportunities right on our doorstep. I haven’t totally ruled out Edinburgh yet as I also love being close to nice coffee shops, restaurants and pubs (even though I go out much less now than I used to!), but since I’ll be in the city every day for work I think I’d like to come home to somewhere more peaceful. It’s so hard to decide – I think I need to go on lots of viewings and hopefully I’ll know our dream home when I see. I CAN’T WAIT to get our little garden!

FullSizeRender 170
Musselburgh, one of our non-Edinburgh options

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