Puppy love

It’s nearly two weeks since Archie moved in, and I’m officially in love with my new pup.

My favourite part of each day is our super-early morning walk around the common, watching him prance excitedly on his comically huge cocker spaniel paws, sniffing every inch of his new neighbourhood and making friends with the doggy regulars.  I’m adjusting to the dawn walks, even if I’m now back home post walk and drinking a cup of tea before my old alarm even went off. I’m less keen on his commitment to getting me up at 5am each morning just so we can spend time together, but I’m choosing to see it as endearing.

Each evening he makes me giggle as he skids across the floor chasing ‘his’ tennis ball around the flat (actually mine, but like so many other things now ‘ours’, or rather ‘his’). His little face when he peers up at me to fish it out from under the sofa over and over again would melt any heart.

The first two weeks have been a rollercoaster. We’re both getting used to each other and our new lives together. Archie is definitely feeling more at home. My once pristine flat is now scattered with dog toys, and I’m not sure my white rug and chairs will ever be white again. As he’s settled in so have I, and I’m less overwhelmed with the responsibility of being a single dog mum.

Archie’s human family have been amazing and helped immensely, from  his vet to his trainer and my incredible friends , especially Katie, Jenna and Verity who helped with dog sitting, dog transport and trips to the pet shop. It takes a village to raise a dog.

He’s still nervous around new people and busy London streets, still doesn’t like being left home alone and still desperately wants to sleep in my bed, but he’s getting braver every day. With patience, and love, and understanding I’m sure he’ll be braver still. There’s a lot of big adventures to come in the next few weeks.

How were your first weeks with your new pup? Share in the comments.




2 thoughts on “Puppy love

  1. Much like the first weeks with a new baby, particularly the crying at night (although our puppy only did this for three nights) and Googling every single thing they do. All great fun though – enjoy every minute!


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